The first premise in our company is: “to make a good oil, part of a good olive”.

The starting point in our preparation are the selected fruits of the best farms. Establish some criteria of collection and transport to the mill, which minimize alterations within the fruit.

Once in the mill begins in process for extraction. First, the fruit is crushed, passing to the blenders, where the drops of oil begin to join. After a period of 45 minutes, the whipped paste continues towards the centrifuges, where first the solid phase is separated and secondly the water, leaving the oil in tanks for its initial decantation. After a period of days, it passes to warehouse deposits.

The entire process is conditioned by a series of protocols for collection, processing, conservation and packaging, which detail each phase. Our quality department controls, analyzes and certifies the oil obtained. Only thus is Altitude 1.080 obtained.

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