Bonjour Antonio ,The color and the acidity is very good, I took a spoon and the flavor is gentle and smell is intense and natural. The package is sleek and chic …to number the bottle by hand writing is a very good idea, it gives a sense of uniqueness and authenticity. It there was a suggestion it will be to put around the neck of the bottle a little note where and why the altitude, quality specifications. Voilà !You are most welcome to the Régina anytime Have the most beautiful day and weekend. Love Valentino

Valentino Piaggi General Manager Hotel Regina 5* – Paris

I love the bottle, the design of the box. Cool and elegant It costs a lot to open the plug. It has a body but it can be taken well since it does not sting. In principle, I do not notice fruit flavors, etc., because I’m not used to “tasting” oils and not finding the flavors. I love the golden color it has. In summary; Congratulations Being also an ecological product you have a lousy way to be able to sell in many places.

M de Esteban

The oil, aroma and spectacular taste! And the presentation of the product very careful.

J.Asensio – Lawyer

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