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Altitude 1080 is the summary of the origin of our oil: All the plots of our brand are between 950 and 1100 meters of altitude. These olive groves are among the highest in Andalusia and certified as ecological.

Altitude 1080 is the synthesis of the effort of human beings who preceded us pampering some plants, in a hard land for its rigorous climate, which offer an incomparable olive juice.

Altitud 1080 is the origin of our identity, of who we are and where we come from .

Altitude 1080 is the way to commit ourselves to a territory from three pillars:

  • R & D + I
  • Promotion and recognizing those who are contributing the best of themselves to the Altiplano, through scholarships and awards for excellence.
  • Supporting humanitarian projects.

Altitud 1080 is a source of health and pleasure for the senses

Altitude 1080 is a difficult to reach top due to its great complexity in aromas, starting with an intense and fresh fruity tomato and green grass combining ripe notes of almond and green banana peel. The bitterness and spicy has a medium character that balances this harmonious and exquisite olive juice.

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