Oil Bottle Altitude 1.080 M (500ml)


A product with a high level of antioxidants , such as Coenzyme Q10 , tocopherols and polyphenols .

This project has led us to develop a system of production and preparation of AOVE that goes a step further in the concept of healthy oils. Based on research and our own studies, and taking advantage of the edaphoclimatic characteristics of the Altiplano of Granada, we have obtained a product with a high level of antioxidants, such as Coenzyme Q10,tocopherols and polyphenols.

From good care and strict control over the olive groves and their production, our AOVE ALTITUDE 1080 is made. This process of supervision and advice brings with it some unique quality standards to obtain our olive juice.

Only after verifying, through analytics, the composition of our oils, they are packaged for sale.

The commitment to health, sustainability and environment made us join the certification of Ecological Production (Registration Number: AGR-02 / ECOAND / 257 / I, valid until 11/22/2019).

During this year 2019, we have launched ALTITUD 1.080 Picual. This picual oil has a great complexity in aromas, starting with an intense and fresh fruity tomato and green grass combining ripe notes of almond and green banana peel. The feijoa and spicy has a medium character that balances this harmonious and exquisite olive juice.

Oil analysis (key parameters):

  • Degree of acidity: 0.13% (ac.oleic)
  • Peroxide Index: 2.3 meq O2 / Kg
  • K270: 0.14
  • K232: 1.54
  • Fatty acid composition: Oleic (C18: 1): 82.19% </ li>
  • Total tocopherols: 179.4 mg / kg
  • Alpha-Tocopherol: 167.5 mg / kg
  • Biofenoles by HPLC: 563.6 mg / kg (tyrosol)
  • Oleocanthal: 55.8 mg / kg (tyrosol)

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